Upcoming Events

Saturday July 22
6:30 PM -
Music Night
Friday July 28
Parish Council Public Meeting
Saturday August 5
2:15 PM -
Horticultural Summer Show
Saturday August 12
Tango Dance Night

Walberton Village Hall
The Street
West Sussex
BN18 0PQ

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Registered Charity No. 289037

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Web Site is Back!

Sorry for the lack of Web site for a few days - it was hacked and so we took it offline for repairs. Although it's a very irritating event, we do keep regular backups so we didn't lose any stories or pictures, but we took the opportunity to update the site programs and give it a makeover before putting it back online. Many thanks to Nigel Kendrick, who manages the site on a voluntary basis and has worked hard this weekend to sort things out.

To get the site up and running as soon as possible not all of the old news articles and picture galleries have been reinstalled, so if you are missing a particular favourite just send us a message via the contacts form and we'll sort it out as soon as we can.

-- Mary 13 Jan 2013