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Walberton Village Hall
The Street
West Sussex
BN18 0PJ

Telephone Number
01243 554448

 Please note that the postcode has recently changed.

For booking enquiries please use the contact form on the contact us page
or email: manager@
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Registered Charity No. 289037

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What about access to the hall?

This will be arranged prior to your event.

How can I unload/load?

The gate key is located in the kitchen cupboard marked 'cleaning'. Please close the gate after unloading/loading to prevent unauthorised use and to keep the front area clear for any emergency vehicles.

Can I extend my session times after booking?

The hall is very busy so you must book the exact time required - INCLUDING THE TIME YOU NEED FOR SET-UP AND CLEAR-UP.  It is not possible to extend times after booking or to arrive earlier, or leave later than stated.  Overstays will attract extra session fees.

How early can I get in to the hall to set up?

 Your access to the hall begins at the start time you put on your booking form. Also see the previous answer.

Where are the tables and chairs located?

Tables will be on a stand either in the Main Hall, or the Small Hall, depending where the last hirer has parked them! Chairs can be found in the rear of Hall store, please return them there after use.

Where is the cleaning equipment?

This is located in the cupboards in the kitchen. Please leave the hall clean and tidy for the next user. For large events a cleaner can be arranged for £50.00 to clean up after you.

Where can I dispose of rubbish?

There is a green bin outside the hall for this purpose. Please load the bin as tidily as possible. Glass/plastic recycling should be taken home with you as we do not have recycling bins. We provide one black sack in the kitchen; please ensure you have enough of your own.

Where is the emergency phone?

A phone for outgoing emergency calls only is located in the main hall lobby.

Where is the First Aid box?

The first aid box is located in a kitchen cupboard suitably signposted, together with the accident book.

Can I put up advertising material/direction signs for my event?

Both the Parish Council and County Council have strict rules against this and may issue fines.



Are there cups/plates?

Yes, cups and side plates are in the kitchen cupboard on the left as you enter. Jugs are in the wall cupboard. Please note: We do not provide cutlery or glasses.

Is there an electric water heater for tea/coffee etc?

Yes, please follow instructions for this automatic refill machine and turn it off before you leave.

Are there fridges/microwave/oven?

There are 2 fridges, 1 microwave and 1 catering grade electric oven/4 ring hob in the Main Hall kitchen. There is a fridge in the Small Hall kitchen.

Do you supply tea towels and dishcloths?

In the interests of hygiene, tea towels and dish cloths are not provided by the Village Hall; please supply your own. 



Can we have a bouncy castle or other inflatables inside the Halls? (Updated June 2015)

We now have cover for bouncy castles in the hall providing you meet the following requirements - You must ensure that:

  • It  is supervised by responsible adults at all times when in use or inflated. 
  • Soft matting is used to cover hard surfaces adjacent to the front or any open sides where there is a risk of injury from falling from the inflatable.
  • It is not used by children under 2 years old.  It is restricted to use by age group   2 – 6   6 – 12.
  • You have signed a form confirming that you have read and will comply with these requirements which management will present on the day of your booking.

Can we have indoor fireworks?

Sorry, no.

Can we have outdoor fireworks?

The playing fields are managed by the Parish Council and private outdoor fireworks are strictly forbidden.

Can you recommend an Entertainer/Caterer/Other service for my event?

This is a very subjective issue and we prefer to leave this to your judgement.

Can we use the playing fields for marquees/hog roasts/socialising during our event?

 The playing fields are managed by the Parish Council and you need to seek their permission - see their Web site for contact details here



What audio facilities does the Hall have available?

The Main Hall has a pair of fixed, high-mounted speech/music speakers connected to a 30W stereo amplifier. There are hearing aid loops in both the main and small halls connected to the speech circuit of the amplifier. Twin UHF wireless microphones and a wireless lapel microphone are also connected to the amplifier. Additional charges may apply for the hire of the microphone equipment.

Can I plug my laptop/MP3 player/audio unit into the hall amplifier?

Yes, there is a 1m external lead terminated in a pair of standard phono plugs. On the end of the lead is a removeable phono-to-3.5mm stereo plug adaptor. The lead is connected to the hall amplifier's line input via an earth loop isolating transformer to eliminate hum/buzz from mains powered audio devices. If you need any other form of connector or lead please check with us as soon as possible.

Where are the electrical outlets in the Main Hall?

There are double-gang, 13A switched power outlets either side of the Hall's interior entrance/exit door and two more pairs 2/3 of the way along either side of the hall. There are also 13A power outlets to the rear of the stage.